Keva Hype Releases Official Music Video For Single “Be Wise”

Upcoming Dancehall artiste Keva Hype released the official music video for his single “Be Wise“, produced by Templeboss Records and filmed by Xavie Productions.

The song is focused mainly on positivity, overcoming obstacles, and improving one’s situation despite getting fights from those closest such as family and friends. In the beginning, the artiste starts with the words “You know sometimes the enemy a try fi break yuh and dem no know seh a dem a make yuh”.

In the verse of the song, Keva Hype chants “Be wise in this time, a nuff a dem wah tek u life and dem no really wah see u survive, no time”.

The music video shows the artiste walking solely through what appears to be a cemetery and is later surrounded by several men on a corner side as they vibe together. This unity displayed by the men reinforced a line in the song, “No man is an island we no stand alone, we cyan seh we do this on wi own when dem treat we like a bone weh the dog no own”.

Three words to describe this single and music video are: ‘Melodic, Positive and Motivational’.

Watch Keva Hype’s “Be Wise” Music Video Below:

Stream “Be Wise” HERE or click the image below.

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