Khago Accused Seanizzle Of Using Him To Make Millions & Not Paying Him ‘Enough Money’

Dancehall artiste Khago has unleashed a verbal onslaught on producer Seanizzle over what he described as a ‘lack of earnings’ for songs he voiced for him.

Khago said back then he did not understand the business of the music and as a result, he was used by producers. He is also encouraging upcoming artistes to learn how to produce their own music.

“A di younger youth dem me a bawl fah. A dem me a cry fah, and me wah dem know say me sacrifice my career so dem can learn certain things bout the industry. Me just wah the youth dem know say unuh nah fi voice fi no producer again enuh. Buy one computer and produce unuh music unuh self,” Khago said.

“And if somebody ago produce unuh song dem, unuh sign contract and make sure everything deh pan paper so dem know say when dem sell di songs to big companies like VP, unuh want unuh 50 per cent.” he adds.

“Mi nuh get dollar from my songs dem, and me have some a di biggest songs inna dancehall up to dis day,” he said. “When Nah Sell Out blow up big, a Seanizzle see the bulk a di money from dat song. Me get credited as the writer and so me collect money from JACAP when it play pan di radio, but dem boy deh (referring to Seanizzle) sell me song to VP Records and to all kind a people. Yuh wouldn’t wah know the millions weh Seanizzle make off a Nah Sell Out Mi Fren Dem, and me never get dollar. A nuh Seanizzle alone, but a him produce some a me biggest songs.” Khago told the Star.

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Katashia Morrison

Yo di man a vent and everybody is allowed to vent… Mi believe every word him seh but we have no power to fix your situation… U have a thing they call reverse psychology that’s what u should use in a business like music play the role of uh opponent or work with it at the end u will still turn out to be the victor…

Shekem UR S-maa Kheru

Big up Khago.. Gwaan hold it ..

Mitzie Taylor

So sorry khago that was emotional yute….just stay strong n push through

Shana-Gay Blackwood Coleman

Look like hard life a beat him bad him a sell out everybody

Ithz Annmarie Thompson

A never him seh nah sell out me friend them