Khago Allegedly Pulls Weapon on Relative; Could Lose Gun Licence

In another brush with the law, dancehall artiste Khago is at risk of losing his gun permit after reportedly pointing his licenced firearm at a family member.

According to the Jamaica Star, on Friday, March 3, the entertainer was at his home in Knockpatrick, Manchester when he pulled his weapon and pointed it at a female relative while threatening her. The two were engaged in a verbal confrontation leading up to the gun being drawn.

It has been confirmed by the police’s Corporate Communications Unit that a report was made after the relative was escorted to the Mandeville police station by a member of the artiste’s entourage, and Khago was charged with assault at common law.

Disturbed by the incident, the relative stated, “Mi trouble with both depression and anxiety so this situation only make things worse for me. It was a really bad thing to go through, mi a tell yuh, because mi get so scared when him point the gun at me. Mi tun fool and no know wah fi do.” She said that she ran to the studio after he lowered the gun and he told her to get out of his house.

She also mentioned that the confrontation occurred when a conversation involving his girlfriend was brought up. The relative explained that his girlfriend was walking in the house with her slippers on after the Walk A Mile deejay said that dust had made his child sick.

Upset at the implication, Khago dismissed the accusation to which the relative told him he should “learn fi listen.”

Beverly Robinson, Firearm Licensing Authority’s (FLA) Corporate and Client Relations director said that the entertainer could have his licence revoked, especially since this is the second time such an incident has occurred. Robinson shared that about five years ago, Khago pulled his weapon on another female family member after she commented that his father would be disappointed with him for bleaching and cutting off his locks.

The Client Relations director vocalized that the issue of his previous case was still open when the new report was made and that if the FLA deems them reliable, his weapon could be taken from him, regardless of if he is found guilty or not by the court.

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Robinson mentioned that the FLA and Mandeville police are working together to submit a report soon to hand over to the board which will make the final decision about Khago’s gun licence. There has yet to be a court date decided for the deejay, born Ricardo Gayle.

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