Khago Blasts Dancehall Fans Who Attended Chris Brown’s Concert For Not Supporting Local Artistes

Dancehall\Reggae artiste Khago calls out dancehall fans who attended the recently concluded Chris Brown and Friends concert held at the National Stadium in Kingston for not supporting local artistes as they embrace international acts.

Khago did not mince his words while addressing whom he calls ‘Dutty Jamaicans’ and ‘Dutty Johncrow,’ asking them if that was how they treated their own people. Khago also pointed out that international acts at the event, including Chris Brown, were not singing their songs while performing but rather lip-syncing.


The Nah Sell Out artiste uses dancehall artiste Kraff’s performance as an example of the lack of support and forward he got from the jam-packed stadium, especially the female patrons.

“Why Kraff walk out and uno behaving like seh the youth nah try a so uno deal wid uno own in front a stranger dwag? Uno nah no sense uno likkle dutty whoring gal which part uno fi push up uno hand uno nah ge the youth no forward uno nah ge none a them no forward uno a wicked, uno nah no sense, and a it mek when the youth them have money and e man go pick all so gal from way down a Afghanistan and seh me rich now,” Khago declared via a video.

See the video below:


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