Khago Says Promoter Trying to Rob him Like Jah Cure in Europe: “Yuh cah jah cure mi”

During his latest live chat, Khago went on a rant, arguing about a promoter who had refused to make a down payment after booking him to perform at multiple events. Khago, who has never shied away from speaking his mind, detailed that the promoter booked him for an event in Germany.

“We come up wid a price fi him show, but him seh him can get more show but the people dem wah know seh mi deh inna Europe still. So mi a seh, ‘hear wah gwan, gwan do yuh ting but send mi your down payment before me leave Jamaica,” he said. He added that even after one month had passed the promoter still had not sent the down payment.


According to Khago, he went to Switzerland despite not receiving the money. He stated that the promoter even booked him for several other shows and accepted payment from the event organisers, but did not send him the money. Additionally, he said the promoter was charging extra and taking a share of the money.

“So see him a send voice note bout if mi come Africa him ago mek man kill [me],” Khago said, and later mentioned that the promoter hails from Africa and has been influenced by his rival I-Octane.

Khago compared his experience to the incident that occurred with Jah Cure, in which the Reggae artiste stabbed a promoter over unpaid money. Jah Cure was subsequently sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands.

Khago said, “Mi is a principle person. Yuh cah Jah Cure mi…Hear him a tell mi cousin seh di promoter dem nuh trust me fi send money come give me. Go s*ck yuhself. If yuh nuh trust me, don’t work wid me…Who the f**k yuh think yuh is?”

He later said, “Mi find out seh, dawg, a so unuh do Jah Cure and send him a prison because it is not the money, Jah Cure rotten rich, it is the principle, dawg.”

Watch the video with Khago below:

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