Khago Sings Praises to Beenie Man After he Called Him Up on Stage in UK – Watch Video

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 5:15 PM

Dancehall artiste Khago expressed his gratitude to Beenie Man after the Dancehall veteran invited him on stage as a guest performer at an event in England. On stage, Khago put on a vigorous performance, singing his hit song, Nah Sell Out, from 2010/11.

The large audience responded with joy to Khago’s set as they cheered and sang along with the deejay.


Nah Sell Out was produced on Seanizzle’s One Day Riddim, which also featured Beenie Man’s song Drinking Rum & Redbull. Beenie Man also performed this popular song, prompting patrons to sing along.

Following Khago’s latest performance, he took to social media to show his appreciation, detailing what being on stage with Beenie Man meant to him.

“It is not just call Beanie Man call mi out, it change back mi life… It is not giving me a strength, it is giving me back life pan di biggest stage,” Khago said, adding that all the radio stations that attended the show requested interviews with him after his set.

“Mi nuh tek dis fi granted…and as long as me live, mi tell my pickney dem, Beenie Man response fi put yuh father out deh. A nuh him bus mi enuh but a him mek mi explode…Two biggest show mi eva go pan, a Beenie Man call mi out and it change mi life,” he continued.

The video of Khago’s live chat was uploaded to Youtube by RIC STORM TV.

Watch the video of Khago below:

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