Kim Kardashian ‘looks like she is in pain’: Thin Waist Look at Met Gala – Video

The Met Gala is held annually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, where celebrities show-out with their most eye-catching fashion, and this year’s event was held on Monday, May 6, 2024. Among the most talked about fashion choices at the Met stands Kim Kardashian in her silver gown with the most cinched waist of all the celebrities who turned out for the night.

Kim is pictured in a platinum blond free-flowing hairstyle, wearing a metallic-like silver dress that shimmered when she moved. The dress was half corset and half sheer material at the bottom. The look was complimented by a grey cardigan worn mostly off one shoulder.


Her outfit of choice had the internet abuzz, not because the look was stunning, but because many thought that she looked as if she was in pain. Video footage of her posing for pictures showed that the extreme cinch to her waist left the reality TV star looking as if she was hardly able to walk or breathe.

Watch the video below:

Critics took to X to voice their thoughts on her appearance and most had nothing good to say about Kim’s Met Gala look this year.

According to egykettoharom, “What I see she wants to act sexy but it looks like she is in pain,” MC- stated, “Looks like she can’t breathe her waist is so so tight incredible! What a horrible look,” and Kimberly klacik wrote, “They squeezed her waist so tight it’s hard to breathe and it’s causing an issue with her left breast implant. Yikes.”

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