Kiprich’s ‘Darkness’ Jumped To #18 On Reggae iTunes Chart

Thursday, June 6, 2024, 11:14 AM

Born to the name Marlon Jaro Plunkett, Dancehall entertainer Kiprich‘s latest single titled ‘Darkness‘ is fastly gaining traction in the Dancehall community due to its message, the song also made the coveted Reggae iTunes Chart after it was released on Friday, May 31, 2024.

The single debuted on the Reggae iTunes Chart at #33 and peaked at number eighteen, while it has amassed over 53k views on YouTube. Darkness was produced by DJ Treasure Music, 1 Family Records, A Legends Productions, and Real Live Records.


According to Kiprich, who spoke about the making of the song during an interview on Jairie Radio, ‘Darkness‘ came about when a family member of his, described as a “humble yute”, passed away. Kiprich stated, “When me see dem yute deh drop out a kinda way yuh know, it really touch mi heart and ting and mi a say…yuh know say mi agguh jus sing a song cah a dat me know how fi do.”

Watch a snippet from the interview below:

Darkness‘ speaks about losing a loved one and grappling with the feelings of loss and grief after they are gone. In the song Kiprich sings, “Dem yah street yah we grow pan it, it so funny fi yuh drop gone nobody yuh nuh trouble yuh nuh mix innah no folly, and oh God wi feel it fi yuh poor mammy.”

Detailing how hard it is to cope with death, he continues, “Thing will never be the same again, mount a liquor fi dah pain yah end. Mi lose a fren, mi heart a ben, now all mi a see a just darkness…”

The video showcases a funeral procession shown in black and white and then the streets of Jamaica from above before switching back to the funeral proceedings. The footage keeps switching between scenes from daily life and the funeral before ending with a R.I.P announcement for Hanief, to whom the song is dedicated.

Watch the music video below:

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