Kizzy Don Details Being Hospitalised by Ex-Boyfriend: “When Him Kick Mi Inna Mi Face…Yah Suh Big Suh…Mi Mouth Buss Up”

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 12:25 PM

During a discussion with Dancehall artiste D’Angel, social media personality and deejay Kizzy Don opened up as she shared her story of the domestic abuse she experienced while with an ex-boyfriend.

While she is known for her prankish behaviour, the Dweet artiste got serious during a conversation with D’Angel on a live stream as she detailed her past with domestic violence.


Born Daniel Banton, Kizzy Don rose to popularity on TikTok for her playful personality and comedic alter ego on the platform.

Kizzy Don shared what ultimately led her to leave her abusive ex, who suspected her of cheating on him. According to Kizzy, she was woken out of her sleep one day by her ex, who asked her if she was cheating.

After she asked what he was talking about, the man asked her to open her phone. However, she turned her back to him to go back to sleep.

Kizzy shared that it was at this point that he began hitting her in the head, and though she tried to fight back, she was not able to stop him.

“Di man gi mi bout 18 tump inna mi head. Mi farid yah suh big suh. When him kick mi inna mi face and mi drop a grung, yah suh big suh. Tump mi inna mi mout, mi mout buss up,” Kizzy shared as D’Angel expressed her disgust.

Kizzy said the incident left her hospitalised, and that was the end of their relationship.

Watch Kizzy Don share her story below.

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