Kizzy Don Says Her Mother Still Asking Her to “Look a Job”, Shares Her Past Struggles and TikTok Success – Watch Interview

Known to many Jamaicans as the funny TikToker with the accent or Kizzy Don, Danielle Banton sat down to share with the public the journey she has endured to get where she is today.

Still an up-and-coming artiste, Kizzy Don is hoping to further her passion for music and make it big in the music industry after years of trying to break out as an entertainer.

She did an interview with popular talk show host Winford Williams where she spoke about her past, making a name for herself, and the hardships she went through along the way.

Kizzy Don was born at home in Old Harbour, St. Catherine before moving to Mandeville with her mom and siblings, as her dad had passed away when she was around three years old. She mentioned that she loved music since she was going to school and always had dreams of becoming a star, so she did not further her education past high school because school was not something she was interested in.

Talking about what she did to make ends meet, Kizzy Don said that she used to peddle shoes brush, and polish as well as t-shirts and other clothing items. She also used to own a store, however, when COVID hit Kizzy says she had to close down the store which is how she lost her apartment and had to move to what she described as a semi-abandoned house that was left behind by a relative who had died.

This would then lead to the fateful day when she would be at home and, out of frustration with not being where she wanted to be financially, she posted a video to TikTok that ended up going viral.

According to the artiste, she used the accent that she adopted from a man she used to work for when she travelled to Pakistan and the viewers loved her skits which in turn gave her a following on the platform as a comedian. Since then, she has landed a brand ambassador deal for a fashion brand called Loud Fashion, became a model and calendar girl, as well as started a podcast called Kizzy TV.

She did not give up on her passion for doing music, however, and explained that after five years in the industry with some misguidance, she is determined to make her career take off. Although she now has a considerable following on social media, not everyone is willing to transition with her onto the music scene but she has gained more support from the public and rated it at a five and a half.

Her music can be found on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube and she has a portfolio of songs including Designer BodyJoe GrindToxic Relationship feat. Intence, and her upcoming single Dweet.

With all the things she has going on, Kizzy outlines that her mother still wants her to get a Job, “when you ago look a job…” Kizzy says she tries to detail her endeavours to her mother but believes her mother would feel better if she’s in a “uniform” or going to a 9 to 5.

Listen to Designer Body below:

Dweet is an emotionally charged song written about her life and struggles to stardom. According to Kizzy Don, the song is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks but there has been no definite date set.

Watch the interview below:

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