Koffee, Lila Ike and Chi Ching Ching Here Dancing in Club to “BaffDem” – Watch Video

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 9:11 AM GMT-5

Controversial reggae/ dancehall musicians Lila Ike and Koffee appeared in a video posted on Lila’s Instagram account, dancing up a storm alongside dancer\ musician Chi Ching ching and a number of other entertainers. The location on her Instagram account displays Tokyo, Japan, but based on the crowd and settings of the party, it seems like a Jamaican party hosted in what appears to be a nightclub.

In one of the six slides of the video posted by Lila Ike, Koffee and the Where Am Coming From hitmaker are seen being instructed by renowned dancer Chi Ching Ching on how to do what appears to be a new dance called Baffdem. The three entertainers were dancing to a song which is a collaboration between Lila Ike and Chi Ching Ching.

The other five slides were much of the same as both female singers showed off their dancing skills alongside multiple dancers cheering them on and giving a few dancing pointers. Lila Ike also paid tribute to veteran dancer Color Color in one of the slides.

The songstress posted the multiple slides of videos with the following caption,
“Just done buf dem now we a #BAFFDEM !! Mhmm!! Yo @chichingchingja yah Wurl star it couldn’t happen any other way DA ONE YAH GONEEEE big up whole street @energy_gettheresquad @energykiddwurl @1lookalikedancergetthere @shakespeartv @expensive_official_1 @snow_official__ @pata.skeng Big Dj @gamechanga @dj1brandon1brandon Yooo @originalkoffee #BAFFDEM yf
Unuh gwan Baff dem a yaad till me fawud.”

Both Lila Ike and Koffee were enjoying themselves to the fullest and seemed unbothered by the controversy surrounding their sexuality. This is due to the fact that both artistes initially started out as reggae musicians, a genre of music which is well-known for not supporting homosexuality.

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Lila came out as a lesbian over a year ago. Meanwhile, Koffee has refused to disclose her sexuality but came under fire recently for collaborating on a controversial song with Sam Smith.

See the videos below:

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