Koffee Raises A Toast In Honour Of Her Mother’s Acting Debut

September 9, 2022 11:43 AM

Koffee, internationally acclaimed Grammy Award winner, took the time away from her busy schedule in order to give her full support and attention to her mother, Jo-Ann Williams, who recently debuted as an actress in a short film entitled, Raw Material. Screening for the film took place at the Palace Cineplex located in Sovereign Centre.

During an interview with The Weekend Star, Koffee declared, “It was amazing seeing mom onscreen, but it’s nothing new because when I was growing up, I always viewed my mom as an actress.” She continued by stating that it was nevertheless “refreshing” to watch her take part in a 2022 film.


Williams plays the part of a landlord by the name of Angie in Raw Material and spends the majority of her time beseeching her tenant to pay his rent. However, the outstanding money owed just continued to grow, along with Angie’s frustration, until she finally had no other option but to make efforts to seize existing assets.

The film’s premiere garnered thunderous rounds of applause from the audience at the showcase, and Koffee sang the praises of the Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly, the director, and the rest of the cast for their exceptional performance.

Koffee voiced, “as a fellow creative, this is my first time seeing your work and I really enjoyed it.” She congratulated her on the film and expressed that she will be looking forward to her future projects.

A follow up interview with the Rapture hit artiste saw her underscoring how proud she was of the set members, especially the director, and how the production turned out. Although she was away on business, Koffee made it a priority to extend her support virtually and encourage her mom from behind the scenes.

She traded enthusiastic conversations back and forth with her mother who in return updated her with frequent selfies of her on set. “I always ask for them and me always boost her up an ah seh, ‘yeh, yuh look nice!'” relayed Koffee.

The reggae sensation is herself working on a new album which fans will have the pleasure of hearing later this year or in the early months of 2023. She is also looking forward to a school tour next month. She stated that the island wide tour would begin by the end of October.


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