Kraff Gets Disappointing Turnout at Show “Approximately 20 Persons” – Watch Videos

Dancehall artiste Kraff received a disappointing turnout for a show he had in Grenada on Saturday night, with “approximately 20” patrons in attendance, according to an internet user who seemingly attended the event.

A video of the event was shared online, showing Kraff onstage performing his popular song Rum Behaviour. Under the pitch-black sky, Kraff stands on the stage close to the selector, deejaying the lyrics of his song while the camera shows a mostly empty venue.


Watch the video of the incident below:

Kraff apparently did not perform for long and returned to his vehicle. According to the internet user who submitted the video to jamaicamateyangroupiepinkwall, Kraff did not want to perform again “so a Few people who finally came after 5am demanded Kraff to come out the van to perform.”

His reluctance to exit his vehicle and take the stage triggered protests from the Grenadians who were present, which can be seen in another video. The video begins by showing a white van surrounded by patrons shouting. A black vehicle is next to it, and police officers are seen between the two vehicles.

It is unclear which one of the vehicles the SleepWalk deejay was inside.

Watch the second video below:

See the event’s flyer below:

After the videos were shared on Instagram on Sunday morning, some viewers blamed the promoter. “People dem nuh like di promoter. When di promoter is kroches all if a spice him bring nobody nah support him show.”

Another said, “I would rather refund them bck the ticket money … not watering down my brand because the promoter never did his job.”

Read more of the comments below:

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