Kraff Reveals New Spider Face Tattoo – Watch Video

Tattoos are a popular form of body art and it has been adopted by many in the entertainment industry as some kind of ‘signature look’. Dancehall artiste Kraff, born Tevin Randall, is known for his many tattoos on his shoulder, face, neck, leg, hands, etc, and he has just added another to his collection.

A short, circulating video clip shows off the side profile of Kraff’s face which hosts his new spider tattoo. The big spider, seemingly spinning a web, takes up half of the deejay’s forehead on the right side just over his eye.


Another tattoo, an extension of the first, is tucked away just behind his sideburn and in front of his ear. The second tattoo is a depiction of a small spider hanging from a single strand of silk that is attached to half of a web. Watch the video below:

The video was uploaded to Instagram where the public gave their views on Kraff’s new face art. Timeisbread stated, “I never get face tats, look how much space on your skin,” jackdennisproduction said, “Spider Man Kraff,” and another individual expressed, “Him fava the spider tpc.”

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