Kraff Takes Aim at Tony Matterhorn in New Unreleased Song – Watch Video

Seemingly, there is still bad blood between Dancehall artiste Kraff and popular selector Tony Matterhorn. The contention, which started in 2023, has now resulted in Kraff taking a shot at Matterhorn in a new song he previewed during his most recent livestream.

Before teasing the song, Kraff spoke about people being “weird” and advised his fans to “find comfort” in a world of chaos. After sharing some words of encouragement with the viewers, he expressed that he felt like creating mischief.

A clip of his live stream, shows him mischievously playing his unreleased song.

“Part crowd every time dis draw, who a get knock anytime dis start, young bud neva know big storm. 7 pack a Cray, yow a wah do Matterhorn. Sinna nuh do yabba, yabba, p***y keep calm,” he deejays in the song.

Kraff took the shot at the selector by cleverly incorporating wordplay with “Matterhorn,” referring both to cigarettes and the selector’s name.

Watch the clip of Kraff’s live stream below:

The issue between the two Dancehall entertainers started after Matterhorn criticised the new entertainers of 2023 for not acknowledging selectors and warned them to show their respects or risk fading away.

His words prompted Kraff, who is among the entertainers Tony Matterhorn listed, to respond by dissing Matterhorn, who in turn urged him to clarify who the “s**k yuh mada” diss was for.

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