Krystal Tomlinson Attacked On Twitter Amidst FLA Drama

Dennis Meadows, former deputy chairman of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), has been receiving backlash on Twitter for making misogynistic comments toward former People’s National Party Youth Organisation president Krystal Tomlinson.

The former Government Senator is involved in a major corruption scandal that has erupted in FLA. In an attempt to justify his actions of granting firearm permits to ex-convicts and people with a criminal history, Meadows did an interview Thursday, February 17 on Nationwide News.

Tuned in to the interview, Tomlinson tweeted her thoughts about Meadows saying, “Mr Meadows is struggling to sound honest on this interview with Cliff.”

Not long after posting this, she made an additional tweet stating, “I was hoping to give him the benefit of the doubt, to be able to nuance the issues. But “don’t quote me on this, I’m going off memory, I can’t recall” does not inspire confidence that he was a diligent and fair arbiter/reviewer of these applications.”

It was hours after this Meadows angrily responded with a deleted comment that Twitter users are describing as “distasteful”.

“Like you struggled to remain #babymother13 but failed miserably. My effort was not to convince the likes of you. It’s a futile effort to convince those fixed on finding a reason not to believe,” he wrote.

Replying swiftly within minutes, Tomlinson fired back at Meadows informing him that he should’ve been concerned about his work affairs rather than her personal life.

“Dennis, my vagina & reproductive choices aren’t your business. The FLA was your business. Being diligent, fair & accountable in executing your duties was your biznz. If you had half of the passion for your work as you do my body you wouldn’t be struggling to address these allegations,” she fired back.

Meadows comment also didn’t sit well with many users who told him to apologize. Persons defended Tomlinson, saying she had every right to comment on the matter and called Meadows tweet condescending.

Still on the topic of Dennis Meadows,  he denied the allegations of FLA CEO Shane Dalling on Tuesday about him being in the group that reversed the decline applications and granted firearm permits to people with criminal backgrounds.

In his comment, he claimed that Dalling was visiting people’s homes and using extortion to get back their firearms. Urging the government to investigate the unit and Shane Dalling, Meadows also said, “It is nasty and I believe it is full time that my Government look at what is happening at the FLA.”

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