La Lewis Disses IWaata – See Posts

December 16, 2022

Social media personality La Lewis has a feud with dancehall artiste IWaata, whom he dissed as “Guta waata” in his most recent Instagram posts. La Lewis made two IG posts yesterday, criticising the deejay’s appearance.

The Seven Star General compared the Clip Tall singer to the character Zero Wolf from the 2006 film Apocalypto. In making the comparison, he collaged a picture of the shirtless artiste next to the fictional character.


In the photo of IWaata, he showed off his tattoo-covered skin while posing in blue shorts, black sneakers, a crossbody bag, and a backpack. Next to the entertainer was a headshot of Zero Wolf with his various facial piercings. 

La Lewis captioned the post saying, “Neva know hardition still a kip fi deh moovie yah. Den if woman can gi guta waata front, why gulli bap stil single? 777777.”

The post was apparently reshared by blogger Pinkwall, where La Lewis screenshot comments that spoke about the deejay being unattractive and “crawny”. Returning to his page, he posted the comments and attempted to tag IWaata in the caption.

However, he wrote an incorrect username, leading to a random IG user’s account. The note he left in the caption of the second post reads, “Guta waata d laydies of d land of speek n its a crawnioulious luk. Laydies across Jamaeica a vamit rite now @iwaata. 777777777.”



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