“LA Lewis This Is Not Your Show”

Wednesday, March 23, 2022, 12:08 PM

LA Lewis, who is also self-proclaimed as the Emperor of the Maroons, was told to leave after he made a special appearance in Trench Town, Kingston to greet the royal family Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The controversial internet sensation LA Lewis arrived in Trench Town with an abeng where the royals were visiting. While LA Lewis was speaking to the media, Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture Olivia “Babsy” Grange had firmly put a stop to the interview.


“LA this is not your show,” she stated and told him to “come” as she took his arm.

LA Lewis laughed and told them he was just going to finish up with the Press, but Babsy, who was not having it, instructed a male to remove him.

 LA Lewis, who was still smiling and laughing, said his farewells to the Press and was later escorted out.

In another interview that followed shortly after, LA Lewis explained that he came to his hometown to see what was happening but he was “rudely disrespected by Olivia Babsy Grange”.

“When the British and the European Press and Medias, as well as Irie FM and the other Press and Media came to see me, Babsy Grange literally come out and tell dem seh not to interview LA Lewis and fi put mi out a di place because am a Maroon,” he explained.

He went on to emphasize that this was where he was “born and grow” and there were many persons present, but he didn’t understand why Babsy wanted to disrespect him.

He stated that he represented Trench Town but he was put out by a police Inspector only because he was a Maroon. He added that it was a public event but she insisted that he had to leave.

According to LA Lewis, he was there to see the royal family as he had met Prince Williams’ mother and father before and also Queen Elizabeth “on this very ground”.

Later that day LA Lewis, who was still feeling very disrespected, posted on his Instagram Story that he was demanding an apology from Minister Grange. He wrote, “Babsee Mainge need to apuloges to ne now!!!!!”

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