Laa Lee Called Out by Nah Change Entertainment for Recent Statements About ‘Beast vs. House’

Thursday, May 23, 2024, 8:01 PM

Label manager Danelle Foster of Nah Change Entertainment called out Dancehall artiste Laa Lee on Wednesday for criticising people who would prefer to buy a car, ‘beast’, versus buying a home.

Laa Lee expressed his displeasure during a recent live stream. The artiste highlighted the significance of a house and described those encouraging the new phrase ‘house can skate pan toll’ as ‘dunceheads’.


Foster seemingly took offence to the live stream, taking to his Instagram page yesterday to speak out in defence of those who choose to buy a car before a house. The label manager also criticised Laa Lee for his controversial break-out single, Watz On Sale.

“Everybody in a dis world yah buy a beast before dem buy a house [ … ] top talk bout seh di man dem a talk f**kery yout. Remember seh your biggest song weh you have weh you buss wid a f**kery enuh,” Foster stated.

He went on to defend the phrase’s originator, controversial TikToker Jayden, and suggested that Laa Lee is jealous. Foster also questioned how Laa Lee expected a TikToker to afford a house when the artiste himself has been unable to buy a home despite his hit songs.

Watch the video with Foster below.

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