Laa Lee Dissed By ‘Lego Di Bird’ Creator

One of Jamaica’s trending artistes, Laa Lee, has been accused of not paying his co-partner Monsta Boss, who created the popular dance move “lego di bird”.

Laa Lee is widely known for his hot Dancehall tracks ‘Dirt’ and ‘Lego Di Bird’ both of which have their unique dance moves. The dance moves for his latest song ‘Lego Di Bird’ was co-created by the talented and newly emerged dancer Monsta Boss, who recently put Laa Lee on blast.

In an Instagram post, Monsta Boss wrote stating that Laa Lee was refusing to give him money and Laa Lee has never once paid him before.

“Laalee U Think a volunteer Man come Inna This Fah A fi Help Mi mother an Mi family Dem Yer an Yah Come style man thing.. you Neva Gimmi nu Money or Nun Yet eno g But U think a suh It ago Memba My Daughter Dem affi Eat Food To Yer mi feddup Now g Yah Move too hard now Cause Man Link u Pon piece a Money an Yah Come tell man U anuh western union Wah Kind Kind style That An U neva Gimmi Nun Yet… Kmft Everybody Think yah Bruck bread Wid man g but a style yah style mi thing Member Leggo di bird a my Dance eno U think a fren Thing Mi come inna This Fah dwaag” he wrote in the Instagram post.

He captioned his post saying, “Glad Mi Dance Copyright…. Honest truth: Jah jah Dwaag Mi cyaah wull it Nu More… Man Outside Every Night A Work Hard Fi Dem Honest Bread. Sleepless Nights, an yah Come Diss Mi a True a Man deeven Know Dwaag A dem Thing Yah Mek Eh Ute fem Pree Different Things Nowadays Eno #GodNahSleep #MonstaBossFocus.”

Shortly after Laa Lee went Live on Instagram to address the issue. In his Instagram Live, he stated that he gave Monsta opportunities that the dancer took for granted. He explained that there was a time he called Monsta to join him in an interview with Winford On Stage and the dancer responded by saying that he was in Canada and told Laa Lee bye. Laa Lee said the dancer was not overseas and he lied and even went to the extent of posting false videos of being on the plane.

Additionally, he mentioned that when he was being signed by Digicel, the company wanted to sign more persons but he said because of how they displayed themselves on social media with “big spliff”, they were ruining their opportunities.

Laa Lee also stated that he was going to perform at TVJ and he called the dancers Pata Skeng, Monsta and Snow to join him. He said the dancers always told him to notify them when he is going to perform. However, he wasn’t getting paid to do this performance as it was a form of marketing. He told them he was being transported by a taxi and Monsta told him that he could not take a taxi to perform.

Laa Lee explained that the car he had purchased, which cost him more than $4 million, crashed 3 weeks after it was bought and he has since been travelling by taxi and borrowing vehicles.

“Monsta grow up, start teach some dancing class, start seek brand deals,” Laa Lee advised.

Laa Lee went on to say that during one of his performances he had spoken to the crowd saying that he need Pata, Monsta and Snow to “fix this” because he is too old to be dancing and he needed them to perform with him. Laa Lee said they were being requested by his fans whenever he performed.

Following the announcement Laa Lee made during his performance, Monsta allegedly went on social media arguing that it was his dance.

“I am not signed to you,” Laa Lee said and continued by saying that he ensured those who were signed to him were taken care of. Laa Lee said that they were supposed to seek revenue and find ways to make money from it. Subsequently, he mentioned that he never asked Monsta for money when the dancer was booked for shows.

The artiste added that he was not rich and he has faced many bad days, but he is pushing through until he reaches success.

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