Laa Lee Goes on Rant After Breakup With Annekah, She Responds – Watch Videos, See Photos

Dancehall artiste Laa Lee and his ex-girlfriend, Annekah are having a messy breakup, which has overflown onto social media. The pair took to social media with a mouthful to say about their ended relationship, which apparently consists of cheating allegations on both sides.

 Laa Lee, a popular artiste for his infectious floor-fillers, went on a live stream to address people who were talking about his breakup. During the live stream, in which he told the public to stop talking about him, he noted that Annekah was in love with another man.

Interestingly, he also noted that both his manager and his mother disliked Annekah, but he stayed with her in the name of love. “Mi madda neva like har from day one, mi manager never like har from day one. Dem tell mi stop talk to har…I thought I was in love, so mi still talk to her,” he shared.

Watch the first video of Laa Lee below:

Laa Lee, born Romario Ricketts, also spoke on the embarrassment of flaunting women online who later ridicule men by showing off other males. Apparently, Annekah, who goes by annekahvanitydoll on social media, made a post with another man, which seemed to have kicked off the whole drama.

“I am truly showing you that these females love you for 2-3 months, den afta dem love a next man,” he explained.

Watch the two other videos of Laa Lee below:

Annekah responded to Laa Lee by going live, but she did not stay for long. She subsequently made multiple posts regarding the matter, in which she stated, “dem bwoi deh nave Noo more Barbieee! Just SCABBIES.”

Watch Annekah’s short live stream below:

She added that she has a “REAL MAN NOW” and went on to say that she and Laa Lee were already over before her current relationship. In one of her posts to her Instagram Stories, she stressed that she had broken up with Laa Lee “10,000” times, and he had told her to post him.

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Another post spoke about an “overprotective cheater” from a reshared Tweet, while the next post told her ex to “Be a grownass man n shut up!” The subsequent posts called him out as a cheater and added that Laa Lee had messed things up, so she left him.

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