Latto Reps Jamaica, Shows Best Moments From Vacation on The Island

Thursday, May 23, 2024, 7:48 AM

American rapper Latto, born to the name Alyssa Michelle Stephens, is vacationing in Jamaica and has been repping the island by donning Jamaican colours and a flag. Latto uploaded photos from her time here to her Instagram on May 22 showing off all the activities she participated in.

She took part in rafting activities as seen by a picture of her standing on a raft while wearing a Jamaica shirt, Jamaican-themed jewellery, and also a Jamaican bikini bottom. The colour scheme in clothing was continued for her ride on a jetski with a bikini and yellow shorts with the word “JAMAICA” printed across the butt in green.


In another picture that seemed to be taken at a hotel, Latto was in a bikini, barefoot, and holding out a Jamaican flag as she posed for a picture.

She was also photographed in a pool and wearing a rastafarian-coloured ensemble with Bob Marley on the pants legs.

A few more activities explored by the Lottery rapper are drinking coconut water (with a straw) and eating sugar cane. A third picture saw her holding up a big fish with the Jamaica flag wrapped around her waist.

Someone in the comment section of the post joked about the rafting pictures stating, “Dawg me shoulda look eh raft wuk enuh,” indicating that he could have seen Latto on the job. Another person wrote, “I wish she looked at me how she do that fish.”

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