Lawyers May Not Be Enough to Recoup Usain Bolt’s Missing Money According to Asset Expert

Stephon Grey, a leading expert in asset tracing and recovery, has claimed that Usain Bolt’s use of lawyers may not be enough to recover the money he had stolen from his bank account.

In multiple voice notes, all under a minute long, released by Nationwide, the asset tracing expert gives his take on the matter facing the former Olympic champion. It has been suggested by Grey that, by solely using the courts, victims may not be able to reclaim their funds because the institution could be forced into bankruptcy.


Additionally, the expert made it clear that he is not involved professionally in the matter as neither of the two parties involved has hired him, and he also mentioned that he has not seen any official documents regarding the matter.

Grey went on to state that even if the claimants win their court case, there is a risk that they will not receive their money because by that time the institution would no longer be financially sustainable.

When it comes to recovering assets that have been stolen, Grey says that employing the use of asset tracing and recovery specialists would be the most effective way to locate and retrieve stolen assets. Despite this, the expert did not entirely rule out the possibility of a successful lawsuit.

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This analysis by the leading expert on the subject came on the heels of Usain Bolt’s legal team sending out a statement recently, stating that SSL had ten days to either pay back the missing money that was stolen or face legal action. As far as the legal team for sprint superstar Bolt is concerned, the outlook from the expert in asset recovery may not be so inspiring.

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