Lexi DBess’ Best Friend Tells What Happened “Him Did a Drive so Hard” – Watch Video

The tragic car crash that claimed the life of Lexian Williams, popularly known as Lexi DBess, was a haunting fear her best friend could not shake minutes before the collision happened.

Celia Vernon, widely known for her close bond with the popular Vlogger, is a survivor of the North Coast Highway motor vehicle crash in March 2022, which took three lives. She sustained major injuries, while her best friend, Williams, whom she warned multiple times, perished in the accident.


The 22-year-old opened up hours ago about what happened on the night of March 18 when she, Williams, and the driver, Kenroy Smith, were travelling in a Toyota Mark X motor vehicle.

Recounting that Smith stopped to buy coolant because the vehicle was suspected to be overheating, Vernon told the viewers who tuned in to her TikTok Live stream that she had mentioned this to Williams. Vernon said she told Williams to exit the vehicle and recommended that they take another vehicle, but Smith came back with promises to Williams, claiming he would not allow anything bad to happen as he had 3 children.

After his promises, the social media influencer went back into the car and Vernon followed, even though she was still worried and praying.

Back on the road, Smith made another stop to collect shoes, and Vernon said he was driving “so hard till di people dem a look.” When he stopped, Vernon again told Williams to exit the vehicle and begged her to join her in the back seat, but she did not.

“It nah go look good if two smaddy deh pan di back seat,” Smith had said.

Vernon went on to say that when they were on the North Coast Highway, which is in Trelawny, all that was left for her to do was jump out of the car and go into another car, but she did not want to leave her best friend.

“Di door dem nah pull. I don’t know wah happen, but mi know seh di yute did a drive so hard,” she emphasized. “Him did a drive so hard, di only ting weh di car did lef fi do a lif up offa di road.”

She continued to stress that he was speeding and that he wanted to initiate Sport Mode in order to accelerate even more, but she objected and told him to let her out. Vernon stated that she had passed out at this point. When she woke up, she was in Falmouth Hospital, and all she could think of was her best friend.

“Mi neven wake up and say God Thanks, a just Williams mi deh ask fa,” she explained, but she was later informed of her death.

Initially, the public believed Vernon was dead, but she fractured her neck and suffered broken bones in her hip, arm, leg, nose, and pelvis. She was unable to attend Williams’ funeral on May 15 due to severe injuries and the surgery she was recovering from.

Vernon and Williams had been friends for five years. She previously told the Jamaica Star, “It was the best five years of my life with her.”

Watch the video of Celia Vernon recalling what happened below.

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