Lisa Hanna Responds to Criticism About Her Clothing Choice: “Unnu Stop Watch Weh Mi A Wear“ – Video

Member of Parliament (MP) Lisa Hanna has responded to criticism of her choice of clothing while campaigning with the Jamaica People’s National Party (PNP) following the circulation of a photo of her wearing a crop top.

Hanna, who is currently the MP for South East St. Ann, announced in 2022 that she will be leaving representational politics and will not be contesting in the next General Election.

Nonetheless, the former cabinet minister has been actively campaigning with fellow PNP members ahead of the upcoming Local Government Elections, which are slated for next week.

A photo of Hanna on the campaign trail and greeting a few male constituents drew the attention of many viewers as she was rocking a black crop top.

The picture sparked various negative and positive responses, with some deeming it the norm for the former Miss World.

Some described it as inappropriate, while several others joked that it was a ploy by the PNP to get votes.

On Monday, Hanna addressed the recent criticism surrounding her clothing in a video on her Twitter/X page. During the video, Hanna said she has seen multiple messages online by some members of the media who have been suggesting nefarious reasons behind her joining the campaign trail.

The MP encouraged PNP supporters, Labourites, and the undecided to keep up with her party’s plans and described the negative comments as a distraction.

“…I fail to see the rationale as to why people would be saying such things other than to distract voters [ … ] Unnu stop watch weh mi a wear. That’s not a part of selecting votes,” Hanna stated.

Watch the video below

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