Lisa Hanna Sends Message to Families Affected by the Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Former Miss World and ex-politician Lisa Hanna shared some words of hope and compassion for the victims and families affected by the disastrous earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria. The aftermath of the disaster is devasting, especially for a country like Syria, which already had its share of problems due to the ongoing war for more than a decade.

Lisa Hana shared her words of hope and solidarity via Twitter, where she wrote, “Often life is imperfect, fragile, & unfair; its irony sometimes cuts the most hurtful wounds. And while I have no divine authority to question why? Or give the answers to soothe at this moment – My heart hurts for the Turkish & Syrian People.”

See the tweet below :

According to the rating agency Fitch, the earthquake that has caused a great deal of destruction and lasting damage in Turkey and Syria could cause economic losses of more than $4 billion. In the wake of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, more than 17,500 people have died so far, and the toll will continue to rise as rescuers sift through the rubble in an attempt to find survivors.

After 15 years in politics, Lisa Hanna stepped down as the member of parliament (MP) of St. Ann South East. Her term in St. Ann South East was plagued by frayed relations, haemorrhaging support from party officials, and a stoking of rebellion among party members.

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After much thought and deliberation, the former beauty queen decided to pursue a different career path.

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