Lisa Hyper Accuses Shorty of Sleeping With “All of” Kartel’s Enemies – Watch Interview

Saturday, February 18, 2023, 10:47 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper did not hold back when voicing her thoughts about Vybz Kartel’s ex-girlfriend, Shorty. In fact, the singer bluntly stated that she did not care if Vybz Kartel became angered by her words about one of the mothers of his children, whom Lisa described as the “worse.”

Appearing on the Tea Time with Shelly-Ann Curran podcast, Lisa fanned the flames of the circulating cheating rumours, saying she also heard that Shorty was having an affair. According to Lisa, Shorty has been with multiple entertainers and snuck one particular man inside Vybz Kartel’s house, leading to him evicting her from the premises.

“She’s put there, having sex with all of the deejay enemy dem and a behave like seh she a goody two shoe and she a dis perfect baby mother, worse baby mother and mi nuh care if him wah vex,” she stated.

She also added that Shorty, whose real name is Tanesha Johnson, was taking care of men with Kartel’s money.

Although Lisa apparently harbours animosity towards Shorty, she has given her blessing to Kartel’s fiancée, Sidem ztürk, who resides on the same estate that Shorty previously occupied.

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“I really like her, she’s a beautiful woman and mi can see seh she really check fi him, so mi aright wid dat. Mi just wah know seh him have somebody inna him life weh really love and check fi him fi who him his,” Lisa added.

Watch the interview below:

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