Madman Randomly Shoots 4 People 1 Fatally along Jamaica Avenue – Watch Video

A series of security footage was put together to reveal how a man, said to not be in his right mind, casually rode down Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill, New York, on Saturday, shooting and injuring four people of which one died.

The individual employed the use of an illegal scooter and a ghost gun to create panic and cause destruction. According to sources, the madman is said to be a 25-year-old Hispanic man who was wearing a green shirt, black pants, and black and white sneakers.

Police officials state that the gun wielded was a 9-mm firearm with an extended clip of ammunition and that the individual responsible was once arrested for possession of a forged instrument. “This guy had a lot of ammunition on him. There were going to be other bodies dropped,” stated a high-ranking officer.

According to authorities who spoke on the matter, the gunman drove around Southeast Queens and Brooklyn firing at “random” targets.

Video footage shows the unnamed shooter gliding past on his scooter and firing at a dog walker who ultimately fled after the “scooter shooter” missed. However, hearing the noise, an older pedestrian who is said to be 87 years old turns and is hit in the back when the man fires again. The man falls to the ground after several seconds.

Additional footage was taken of a man in a tank top and shorts being targeted and shot by the madman at an intersection. The man takes a direct hit from the close proximity of the shooter and falls to the ground.

It was mentioned that the 25-year-old shooter was detained by police and taken into custody on Saturday where charges were pending.

Watch the video footage of the incident below:

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