Male Bartender Shot in St. Andrew; Off-duty Police Officer Engages Gunmen – Watch Video

On Friday, September 30, 2022, a male bartender was shot multiple times by a gunman posing as a customer and his accomplice in Seaward Drive, located in the St Andrew South Police Division.

The shooting was caught on camera and has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms.


A police officer who was off duty at the time of the shooting engaged the two men in a shootout after which they fled the scene. There has been no confirmation on if any of the gunmen were shot during the exchange with the officer.

Head of the St. Andrew South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, stated that the confrontation took place sometime after 8:00 p.m. and that the authorities are on a manhunt for the men involved as investigations proceed into the matter.

The video footage captured two men with their faces partially obscured, one with a hat and another with a hoodie, walking into a bar with patrons both on the inside and outside. One of the men then approached the bartender and appeared to have ordered something. But, when the victim proceeded to fulfill the order, the first man pulls a weapon from his waistband, while the other who was standing nearby follows his lead. They then opened fire, shooting the bartender several times in the upper back region.

Consequently, patrons started to run for cover and the female bartender working alongside the victim cowered in fear until the gunmen retreated. A male could also be seen knocking over a laptop in an attempt to get away.

Reportedly, the bartender has been hospitalized.

Watch the video footage below:

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