Man Considering Whether or Not To Get Back With Ex-Girlfriend Who Wanted Sex During Her Period

Some relationships are negatively affected by the lack of spice in the bedroom, and others are a bit too much to handle. One man has recalled a past relationship he had with a 30-year-old woman that was too kinky for him to remain in it.

He detailed this relationship in a letter seeking advice on whether his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom activities were appropriate. The anonymous writer explained that he was currently dating someone older but missed his ex-girlfriend. However, going back to her will mean making love to her even when she is on her period.


The 34-year-old man indicated that he had to leave his ex-girlfriend because she was doing too much. Prior to the breakup, he and the woman were living together. He first met this particular woman when she and her previous partner, whom she lived with, were having relationship issues.

According to the letter, the problems in her previous relationship reached a boiling point when “one day they had a fight and she had to run out of the house half- naked,” but she was fortunately rescued by her neighbour.

Her relationship with the writer was never that complicated, as he explained. “This woman and I got along well. Apart from her jealousy, we didn’t argue much. She was the type of woman who loved sex. I loved sex, too, but she took sex further than I did,” he wrote in the letter to Dear Pastor.

He continued to say that the woman loved sex so much that she even wanted to do it during her menstruation. However, even though he refused and suggested that they wait, she still insisted.

The man also recounted feeling shocked when he saw his ex-girlfriend masturbate during her period, and she simply told him that she was feeling very horny. Another memory that was detailed in the letter was of her pinching his back with her long fingernails while he was lying down. “I had to ask her if she was going crazy. I eventually had to leave this girl,” he said.

Despite everything, the writer seems to be pondering whether to end his current relationship and rekindle things with what many might describe as his ‘freaky’ ex-girlfriend.



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