Man Dies of Stab Wounds from Abusive Woman in Kingston

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 6:06 PM

A 25-year-old male by the name of Ramone Patterson was fatally stabbed on Monday morning by a woman who had reportedly physically abused him on multiple prior occasions. Patterson, who had made several complaints to the Trench Town Police Station in Kingson, Jamaica, to report the incidents, met his end after he was stabbed by the same woman at around 11:15 AM on Monday, November 28.

Previous incidents state that the physical assault from the unnamed woman persisted, and although reports were made, Patterson’s father, Paul Patterson, stated that the authorities at the station did not take his son seriously. Speaking with The Star, Paul said, “the amount a time him go up a the station and all some a di police dem a say how him a come a station fi gyal every minute.”


However, a situation that occurred three months ago changed some opinions when Patterson was allegedly stabbed in the arm by the same woman. Although she was taken to court following this incident, Patterson reportedly decided to drop the charges.

Reports by the police’s Corporate Communications Unit stated that the 25-year-old baker fell to stab wounds at around 11:15 AM by the woman who came to his house in Rema. Allegedly, the woman got upset when she showed up to Patterson getting his hair combed by another woman and an argument developed. He was swiftly taken to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) but was later pronounced dead.

The recently deceased man’s father mentioned that the tragic incident which resulted in Patterson’s death played out with the woman advancing on him, asking who the “hairdresser” was and why she was at his house. He also had receipts from law enforcement as proof that his son had suffered continual physical abuse by his murderer. She is now, after initially fleeing the scene, in the custody of the police.

Grief-stricken, Paul recounted how at only three months old, his mother left Patterson in his care and left. Paul voiced that Patterson did almost everything for him as his ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ and mentioned how close they were and how much of a good son Patterson was. He said, “mi give him a house and set him up because him is a good son.”

Continuing, he declared, “a mi son clean out mi pig farm for mi every day. More time when mi deh here and mi sidung inna di chair here suh when mi tired, him gwan sell. Him get a work at Honey Bun as a baker recently, so him always have something a do … him was never involved in anything wrong.”

Paul noted that as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy, his son only ever had good intentions and did everything he could to ensure he had help.

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