Man Drinks Bleach In Court After Being Found Guilty – Watch Video

November 23, 2022

After being found guilty of armed robbery, a man attempted to take his own life inside the courtroom by drinking bleach from a cup. The accused, Jermaine Bell, sat in a Miami-Dade County courtroom awaiting the verdict on armed robbery charges, which were punishable by up to life imprisonment.

According to the family of the accused, Bell, who has been in custody for more than three years fighting the charges against him, drank a bleach-like chemical from the cup.


Officers and other individuals inside the court urged him to “spit it out,” but he refused. He became ill immediately after and had to be carried from the courtroom to the hospital on a stretcher. Bell survived the incident, but his family is demanding answers regarding how he came into possession of bleach. Bell’s distant relative, Reverend Jerome Starling, spoke out, saying someone needed to take accountability. 

“I see him drinking something that’s not right, and that his attorneys are letting him drink it, the corrections are letting him drink it and all of a sudden I see him collapse and am like, what just happened?” Starling questioned. “This should not be happening to people that’s in custody at all.”

The incident was captured on camera by Bell’s cousin, who expressed that their family feared that they would lose him. The clip showed him quickly drinking the contents from a cup. He collapsed in the chair, gagging, and the video later showed him being carried out of the courtroom on a stretcher. Miami-Dade County Corrections and Miami-Dade Police are investigating the incident.

Watch the video of the incident below.



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