Man Killed and 2 Injured in Machete and Knife Fight at Burger King Car Park in St. Andrew – Watch Videos

A fight involving machetes and knives led to the death of a man at the Burger King car park on Barbican Road, St Andrew. The altercation this morning also resulted in two other men being injured.

The deceased has been identified as a 28-year-old carpenter named Ackeem Morgan from Confidence View, St Andrew. The injured men are a 23-year-old student and a 28-year-old labourer.


According to the Jamaica Observer, the three men drove into the Burger King drive-through in a black Toyota Noah. While they were using the drive-through around 6:50 a.m., an argument ensued between them and the occupants of a grey Nissan Tiida.

During the altercation, men in a white BMW sided with the men in the Nissan Tiida. A physical confrontation erupted from the argument, and machetes and knives were used.

Morgan and his associates were wounded in the fight and were rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies. Reports state that Morgan was pronounced dead, while the other two injured males were admitted in critical condition.

Videos of the fight surfaced online, showing two men trying to restrain each other. One of the males, in an orange shirt, held a machete while the other seemingly held a knife.

As the vehicles drove about, another man joined the orange-shirted male, and the fight continued as the third male tried to pry the knife from the other man’s grip. Bystanders cried out for the war to stop and begged the two men to spare the life of the man who had the knife.

After much tussling, the man with the knife ran off, leaving behind his sweater that two men had dragged off. The video continues to show another man, who was stabbed, being supported by a different male.

The orange-shirted male joined in supporting the injured man, and they converse about his bleeding stomach wound with a bystander. The injured man appeared limp and had to be carried into a vehicle that immediately drove off.

Watch the videos of the fight below: Viewer discretion is advised.

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