Man Reportedly Dies After Drinking Entire Bottle Of Liquor

July 11, 2022

According to a report by MDN News, earlier today an unidentified man was engaged in a friendly drinking competition in which he fell, victim.

The deceased is between the ages of 25 – 30 years of age and was at a tavern located in the Ha-Mashamba village, near Elim, Limpopo in the Country of South Africa. Allegedly, He was competing with others at a pub to finish an entire bottle of Jagermeister in order to win 200 Rand.


Jagermeister is a German liquor, bitter to the taste, made of herbs and spices. It possesses an alcoholic content of 35 percent and the deceased is said to have finished the bottle in less than two minutes before subsequently passing away.

In the video uploaded of the incident, the deceased downed the bottle to cheers, whistles, and music as his background. He was wearing a black hat and a grey t-shirt while his companions checked to make sure he did not spill any of the drink.

A commenter who was baffled at the foolhardiness in the video stated, “I fail to understand how other human beings think🤔honestly, just for R200 lousy shit😒now pronounced dead, there are funeral we shouldn’t attend 😔at all this one shouldn’t be.”

See the video below:

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