Man Says Miss. Kitty Will Never Get A Real Man To Treat Her Like A Queen [Video]

[Youtube ytcode=””]Man says plastic surgery only changed Miss. Kitty physical output but doesn’t change who she is.


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  1. Everyone that is saying mi kitty is right only one question am asking would u like a woman to disrespect your Son, brother nephew or father because he isn’t marry to her? am sure you would go to the woman’s house to fight or throw her out of your son’s house or try to brake them up saying that she disrespect your son.

  2. Batty man left the woman mekbshe express har self. And nuff a unuh man just want a fake woman unuh NSW look pon a real normal woman. And unuh dutty stinking weak badmine woman weh a bash the woman go si down because unuh no have the money fi do nothing so unuh bex. And gone are the days when a lot of women wants to sit at home and wash and cook and clean when the man dem gone a street gone do all kinds of things. To each his own johncrow unuh come off a the woman

  3. What Oonu want is what oonu get. When a woman have natural body an face oonu hardly look at her. Suh plastic oonu want plastic oonu get. And leave the Damn woman alone she nuh have nuh plastic the woman only slim down har body. Damn fool oonu. Whatever the woman says is true, when yuh throw stone in a hog pen the one that squeal out a him get lick. Yuh don’t expect to hear anything better from the man them and some a di woman them that suppose to be taking up on her side a jump pon band wagon. Damn horse oonu. If them never have fool fool woman like some a oonu the woman wouldn’t have to be so agitated and eating up herself like that as oonu stated. She have har money an nah depend on nuh man nuh day that is why she can speak like that. How much a oonu woman that criticizing can talk like her. Money + education = independence a gwey some a oonu Sally bug fi guh wey and stop chat.

    1. They too disgusting look how they doing the woman and she is just talking on women’s behalf. Everything that she says is reality. I hear one fool fool one talking about she would forgive him and lend him the 475,000. A must be she name Jesus Christ himself. Is not on earth she dey.

  4. Miss Kitty is right the only thing wrong about her argument she should put that time limit on it you cannot be with a man for eternity wash cook clean and doing everything for him and he will never make you his wife

  5. Same damn thing I am here saying too. I watched the video and I saw how she’s eating at herself like a mad woman, acting like her UWI degree can keep her warm at night. She’s overrated in Jamaica as if she’s the only radio/tv personnel that graduated with degree.

    Her attitude is trash, not wife like. Plus she keeps up good girl gone bad character as if men must be at her feet as submission, when in fact women are suppose to be submissive to their male counterparts. All this so called independence is going to left her alone and no one beside her.

    1. Heather Rankine there a big difference between being independent and being a damn fool. Saying boyfriend must not get husband treatment. What does she know, were she married before. She need one man like that guy said she needs to pick a size. Either way she has to be a girlfriend before she can be a wife.

  6. Let me throw my 2cents since its ah hot topic.. I will start by saying miss kitty have a point I personally would not like to be in along time relationship with ah guy. cook ,clean etc an don’t get a ring I’m sure it’s every woman dream to get married but the words she use and how she delivered it don’t sound good is like she is belittling men in away..remember enuh people is not what you say is how u say it an the words u choose to use that can find u in a spot to get backlash like what miss kitty getting now..her aggressive behavior tells a lot she really can’t express har self with out being that pretty sure she could have done it in a more professional way to get the message across to the listeners ..i agree with u Chevaughn Fuller and I can’t blame you for what you have said about her in regards to her doing surgery to fix her body and har heart still corrupt smh bless up u self… n thts my opinion ppl✌

  7. Kmt u chat too much fi big man that’s why Jamaica won’t get any better some a enuh love watch and chat people too much.. Miss kitty do her own it with her own money she work’s dam hard for it… It’s nobody’s business… Simple

    1. Thank you soooo much…cause some them man yah a gwaan like the world revolve around them..a new era know time fe woman empowerment. .most of these men know a days no deserve no pampering them use it to abuse u a throw it bk in a yuh face

    2. Exactly my point here…. plastic surgery dnt have a thing fi do with har statement a tru it bun dem mek dem a bash bout surgery to hell with them all woman wish and dream is to have a perfect body and if we can afford it y not doing it….
      Anytime ppl talk truth they bash yes they both have a point but it sad fi see woman a bring down woman ….. she have her money her choice and with r without a man d damn gal stay good we must mek man knw its not about dem alone and the world nuh revolve around u can do 99 things and yet dem nah gi u d 1 fi mek 100

  8. how are u gonna become a man wife if u weren’t his girlfriend lol this is serious the days of men married a woman just like that pass on gone this is 2017 soon 2018 she better gwan a africa or go turn christian to fine a man that just gonna marry her just like that i think she sound ignorant fool bad

  9. Plus you know what’s even crazier. When the females them get up there in age with all of that plastic surgery, their body looks sooooooooo disgusting!!!!!!!!! Lol lol lol I really don’t know what the fuck they thinking but these guys really messing with their hearts. Sad!!!!! Very sad. This epidemic/stigma is realllllllllllly destroying our society

  10. I wasn’t offended by her rant and frankly put she is correct … however I also agree with this man and my word to him is Don u got to remember she is speaking based on her level of experience… I don’t think miss kitty eva meet a real man eno …. So she is bitter and I got to understand y … I love her same way and I know she isn’t talking about me … so I am good … Don big up uself and miss kitty big up uself…I would love to see these 2 sit and debate …it would be a really good look for the culture.

  11. A real bomboclaaath ting mi Family. It’s not just Ms.Kitty but these dumb ass females fail to realize that it’s only a fake man will wife them up with dem fake face,breast,ass and even dem face coockie. These females that they have on tv is just fucking up the young female dem head. AINT NO REAL MAN GONNA WIFE DEM WITH ALL OF THAT PLASTIC

    1. A real woman who knows them self. Will never do such thing like that to them self. A person who knows wrong from write won’t do so as well. A person who knows wat they stand for won’t do so. A person who is a leader won’t follow things like this wat they see on t.v. God Fabid. May God help these people.

    2. For real Anthony Escoffery. #Facts!!!!! I hate it too. But all I can do is pray God help them. People always Gravitate to Negatively than positively. And in the end it always hurt them I don’t know why they can’t learn. God made u one way and ur going to change it. Simple mean ur not Greatful of how God made u. At time I wonder if when these people do things they think about it first b4 they do it. Or they think about the consequences that is going to come after.

    3. @ Chin Chyn It’s really sad trust me. If black woman knew their worth they wouldn’t even entertain a conversation on a man telling them that they need implants. If my black sisters only knew what I know they wouldn’t put up with the fuckery. IF A MAN CANT ACCEPT YOU WITH ALL OF YOUR NATURAL FEATURES, THEN HE NOT FOR YOU

  12. This man ought to wear a panty on his mouth, leave the woman alone, and am so disgust by women bringing down women who are most definitely in better positions than them, some a unuh nuh leave back road an a try style d woman, goh luk a job and make money then unuh can start talking. Out of order

    1. All when u do u best fi some dem nuh appreciate what them have them go road all to worse than wat they have home d lady entitled to her own opinion if u dnt agree simple scroll on but from ppl a talk logics a so we always run in and degrade dem i dnt care wat a rassole wanna seh kitty a speak logics and yes d man have some points too …… most woman a yard a wash cook and clean and d man gone same way so there is ntn wrong with d lady speech cyah mek no body son treat u like breadback and u still a treat him like king to hell with that woman fi wise up work and run some a uno so call man weh a drawz man a road and bully a yard ….. dont argue with mi now ??? nuff a bwoy a road and man a yard ….. the lady a talk truth….. it nuh means u literaly haffi married fi be a wife but treat d woman good mek she feel appreciated if mi haffi go wash cook clean fi prove mi a wife uno can go to hell im quite contented being a lone and working for myself cause a nuff gal a road nah do a thing and uno haffi respect dem and do d world fi dem a d woman a yard uno hot fa kmt

    2. Talk truth yah me fren Shanique Brooks..some a dem fe gwey from yah wid dem ole hypocrite self like if dem have the money dem wouldn’t do plastic surgery to..and some a the hypocrite man weh talk and a dem same one a lust afe the same woman weh dem a comdemn

    3. Even if mi did have the money mi wouldn’t mash up my body a do plastic surgery after mi nuh idiot or desperate fi big boobs, small waist or big ass…unuh people need fi understand seh anybody weh mess up them self in this type of way ago always get criticize down to the legend Michael Jackson get chat..suh weh the fuck unuh expect afta miss kitty a nuh body kmt.

    1. Sophia Mingoes is plastic body they want..I saw a video the other day with Dr D-Angel all natural n slim and they laugh her to scorn, she was whining of course. saying tht she can’t look like whosoever at the same time she is all natural and the other person tht they were comparing her with she ave fake breasts n fake ass…

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