Man Viciously Stamps in Woman’s Head in Half Way Tree – Watch Video

A horrific video has surfaced online, showing a man kicking a woman along the streetside at seemingly York Plaza in Half Way Tree. The video, recorded by an onlooker, was shared on Instagram by Tisha Alexander with a plea for the Jamaica Constabulary Force to investigate and locate the man.

In the short footage, a woman lies crying on the ground as a man stomps on her. The man, who is dressed in a white polka dot shirt and black pants, repeatedly kicked her while saying, “S*ck yuh madda.” He walked off shortly after, leaving her wailing on the ground. As she lay there, clad in a dress and cardigan, shocked onlookers inquired if the man was her boyfriend, but she did not respond.

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The video was shared with a note attached, voicing concern at the fact that some of the men of our society are heartless. “Might god most Jamaican man they don’t have no heart @jamaicaconstabularyforce find this man 👨 even if it’s your child mother you nuh care people share up this video nuh kill the man a kill the woman eeh nuh,” Tisha said.

The video, which has over 287 likes, has received over 73 comments from viewers who have mixed feelings about the situation. One IG user wrote, ” Me no know what she did me naaa say anything.”

Among those comments are viewers speaking out against such actions regardless of what happened prior to the altercation. IG user kevvdibarber_ wrote, “Any day a boy feel them bad and try my sister like this DEAD‼️‼️” Another angered viewer commented, “Ah soh yuh deal wid di woman mi sorry Mi neva seeh yuh the earth would’ve drink yuh blood 🩸 jus on the strength of my mother yuh deal wid female like that batty Bowy.”

According to the latest report, the male was accosted by the police and placed into custody.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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