Marion Hall’s Property For Sale To Compensate Victim Of Dog Bite

Friday, February 11, 2022, 6:42 PM

It has been reported that a property in St. Ann belonging to Minister Marion Hall is now on the market to recover $3 million which was ordered by the Supreme Court to pay off a 68-year-old woman who was a victim of the singer’s dogs in September 2009.

June 2020, the court ruled that the St. Ann property be solid at a minimum of $60 million on the open market to settle the judgement.


The court also granted Minister Hall the option to pay by instalments. According to the court, she could pay $1 million before July 30, 2020, to the attorney of the complainant and proceed with the payment plan to settle the balance. If she was unable to follow the orders of the court, the property would be sold.

Reportedly, the victim, Dorothy Wilson, is yet to receive any portion from the sum of money that is owed to her. She has not been working due to the injuries she sustained from the attack and she is struggling financially. The senior citizen’s attorney, Jacqueline Cummings stated that the property was placed on the market for sale in 2020, but there have been no buyers up to now.

In 2010, Wilson had filed the lawsuit seeking compensation for her injuries, which she received when she was at the Minister’s home in Chancery Hall, St. Andrew to do work. In her statements, Wilson said she was walking in the yard when she was attacked by the dogs. She also added that Minister Hall was the owner and breeder of dogs, mainly pit bulls.


Following her claims, Wilson spoke about Hall’s negligence for not locking the dogs away when she must’ve known they were hostile to attack. The injuries she received are to her hands and her left leg.

In October 2015, an assessment was made of the damages, and Wilson was awarded $3 million with interest. However, Marion Hall failed to make an appearance at the hearing and she was also not represented.

Subsequently, in June 2020, the attorneys of both the parties gave their arguments and the Supreme Court ruled that the property in St. Ann be sold to settle the compensation. The property chosen is a part of Upton and Bonham Spring. The remuneration was set at 3.5 percent for the estate agent, and the plaintiff’s attorneys Archer, Cummings & Company should have carriage of sale of the property.

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