Markus Myrie Speaks on Making Peace with Popcaan and His Father Buju Banton After Public Fallout – Watch Interview

Saturday, December 23, 2023, 7:22 PM

Speaking on his dispute with Popcaan and his father, veteran artiste Buju Banton, producer and artiste manager Markus Myrie details making peace with both men after their public fallout during an interview.

In 2021, Popcaan took aim at friends turned enemies in the single Relevant and made reference to a Toyota Mark X that had caused a rift between him and a friend. A leaked voice note later revealed Markus voicing his outrage because his Mark X was damaged.


Popcaan had reportedly borrowed the vehicle from Markus for a friend, who later crashed the car, leading to a dispute about who would pay for the damages.

Speaking on The Fix podcast, Markus briefly spoke on his fall out with Popcaan, sharing that they had now made peace. Without giving much detail, the producer expressed that the situation had been resolved in a manner that left him satisfied, though others were not pleased with how it ended.

In regards to his fallout with his father, Markus said people had made assumptions about the family dispute, with some suggesting that his father had ‘box’ him down, but he dismissed those rumours. 

Markus Myrie interview

Speaking on how he and his father put their differences aside, Markus explained that they needed to establish boundaries after Buju returned from prison and ensure that there was mutual respect in the relationship.

Markus also noted that he and Buju do not hold onto grudges for long. Contrary to what many may have assumed about the pair’s relationship at the time, Markus said there was no love lost between the two of them, with his father immediately checking up on him when rumours began spreading that he was in an accident.

Markus went on to speak on Buju’s viral attendance at a recent People’s National Party (PNP) rally and disclosed that his father has always supported the party. Despite Buju’s longstanding allegiance to the PNP, Markus expressed that his father is very supportive of his daughter, Abihail Myrie, who is a member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Markus also discussed Popcaan and Buju’s work ethic, describing Popcaan as a hard worker who devoted his time to the studio and was capable of recording multiple songs in a day. Markus described Buju as the hardest-working artiste he knew, highlighting the music veteran’s punctuality, discipline, and commitment to his routine.

Watch the interview below.

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