Maroon Chief Richard Currie Shows Off Ganja Farms in Accompong, “Open For Business” – See Videos

Richard Currie shows off his luscious weed farms in Accompong, and the Maroon chief says it’s “Open for business”. The controversial leader made his grand announcement via a video showing his enormous Ganja cultivation in the hills of St. Elizebeth.

The Maroon leader posted the video on his Instagram page with the caption, “The Garden of Accompong Open for Business. Accompong Cannabis Trust – Indigenous Organic Cultivation.” The short video was posted with what could be considered one of the biggest Ganja anthems playing in the background Collie Budz Come Around.

In the video, the person filming the footage gives viewers a short tour of the Ganja farm showing the Ganja plants in a partially mature stage, most of which look ready to reap.

Another video posted by Chief Currie shows him inspecting a large amount of Ganja plants in pots as he smells them and gives his approval with a smile. The video was posted with the caption, “Indigenous Self Determination #420 @jacanalife.”

However, it’s unclear if these are licenced Ganja farms. Given the fact that the Jamaican government has been ultra reluctant to enact laws to fully decriminalize the large-scale cultivation and distribution of this billion-dollar crop by ordinary local farmers.

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Because of the exorbitant fees associated with Ganja farming licenses, it has become increasingly difficult for low-budget farmers to participate in the lucrative Ganja trade on a legal basis.

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Earlier this year, the government announced plans for business interests from Canada to be granted licenses to export Ganja into the Jamaica market, which provoked an outcry from local Ganja farmers. Based on the fact that local farmers are unable to export the plant to overseas markets.

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