Masicka Drops ‘Most Wanted’ Music Video

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6:46 PM

Dancehall artiste Masicka has dropped the music video for his steamy song Most Wanted from his 17-track sophomore studio album Generation of Kings, which was released on December 1.

Most Wanted focuses on the relationship between a man and his lover, who is desired by other men. In the song, Masicka expresses his desire for this woman with raunchy lyrics, telling her that he needs her to remain by his side and in his bed.


However, instead of showing typical love scenes in the music video, Masicka presents a story of two criminal lovers, with the woman leading the operations, making her “most wanted” in more ways than one.

As the music video begins, the co-star female can be seen robbing a man of his car and his jewellery. Afterwards, she picks up Masicka, who is seemingly released from prison. The duo then embarks on a joyride in the stolen vehicle with cash and handguns.

The scenes frequently transition to show Masicka singing with the woman by his side. 

Other scenes in the music video also show the criminal lovers sticking up a restaurant full of people and then stealing weed and money from two men. Not stopping there, their illicit activities continue at a small event that they attend.

Watch Masicka’s Most Wanted below:

Five hours after dropping the video on YouTube on Thursday, it amassed over 50,502 views and many praises from viewers.

One of the comments praising his video read, “Words can’t describe this Legend Nuh more. Wi jus affi jus sit back and appreciate him while he keeps dropping hits.” Another happy fan wrote, “Dis bad nuh bomboclaaat, it’s a MOVIE.”

Read more of the comments below:

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