Masicka, Jahshii Release ‘Pieces’ Music Video

Masicka has finally released the video for his popular collaboration entitled Pieces with dancehall star Jahshii. The King Inna Earth deejay teased fans with a small clip from the music video a week ago on his Instagram before releasing the audio via Youtube four days later.

Consequently, fans eagerly awaited the visuals for the song, which is about overcoming struggles and rising above adversity.


Most of the music video was filmed in a yard with members of the artistes’ teams vibing to the song in unison. The video displays the unmatched chemistry between the two artistes and the natural connection.

However, a part in Masicka’s verse is causing a bit of controversy among fans when he states, “Some man a bigger rat, some guy a mouse, di pussy dem watch e cheese, mi pop it off ah fly a ghost,” fans are claiming that those lyrics are aimed at dancehall artiste Skeng. At present, Masicka and Skeng are at odds with each other, with Skeng even releasing a diss song entitled Middle Day directed towards Masicka.

It’s also important to note that Jashii and Skeng were both friends, but the friendship came to an abrupt end when Jahshii was spotted vibing with Masicka after he commented on deejays doing molly, by stating that anybody who pops molly is a cokehead, a drug Skeng openly says he takes.

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The music video has already racked up over 20k views in just three hours into its release, according to Jahshii’s lyrics in the song, “Shame all a who seh ghetto youth design fi dead, highly bless wid a vision and dem can’t blind the lens.” This seems to be the case with the success they have achieved thus far in the dancehall arena.

Watch the music video below:

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