Mavado Lashes Out at “White Collar” Criminals in Jamaica and Blames the Government – See Post

Thursday, January 19, 2023, 1:40 PM GMT-5

As dancehall artiste Mavado’s Court case with Jennifer Messado drags on, the entertainer, born to the name David Brooks, took to Instagram to air his grievances.

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For many of the later months of 2022, the media was rife with news of the Mavado versus Jennifer Messado court case. It was reported that the Diamond Body deejay had relinquished a sum of $30.7 million to Messado after she had stated that she had the right to sell a property in Kingston without any authority to do so.

Upon learning that the transaction was done under false pretences, charges were laid against Messado and a court date was eventually set for March 1-3, 2023. It was also reported that of the sum that was paid, seven million was returned to the artiste.

With the SSL scam and Bolt’s missing investment gaining traction, Mavado once again takes to social media to bash the powers that be for the corruption in their midst.

Uploading an article that was written about a bail extension granted to Messado and her husband in 2022, Mavado wrote a long message condemning the Jamaican government for its lax attitude when it comes to granting justice.

“Jamaica full of white collar criminal and the government is not doing anything about it because the people who’s taking your money are friends of the bosses,” said the deejay. He continued by stating that the bosses support “white collar crime” against the citizens of the country that they are supposed to protect.

Mavado also voiced that real criminals will never be held accountable for their actions under the current ruling government because they all grew up together. The Stulla entertainer concluded, “All I can say Jamaica get f**k and we haveto pray because it’s a serious thing and it’s getting worse because now dem getting very dry eye with it so who’s going to save us.”

He dedicated this message to the Prime Minister, the Jamaica Observer, and the Jamaica Star while condemning the DPP.

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Responding to Mavado’s declaration, someone said, “Just flip the script maybe yuh would a affi pay her already,” while another person pointed out, “REAL REAL CHAT, IT GONE TO THE DOGS NOW!!!!”

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