Mavado Pays Tribute to His Mother, Ms. Pinny – See Photo

Dancehall artiste Mavado wrote a touching tribute to his mother, Elizabeth “Ms. Pinny” Gordon, as Saturday, marks the second anniversary of her passing.

While Mavado awaited the sentencing of his son, Dante Brooks, following the teen’s conviction for murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and arson, the deejay was further grief-stricken with the news of his mother’s passing on March 11, 2021. Mavado was in Florida at the time of his mother’s passing, and Gordon’s death was reportedly sudden.


Following her death, the Father Gad deejay expressed the great loss he felt after her passing and said he was all alone now. Mavado shared that she was the only one that he could truly trust and reminisced about their days spent together in his youth.

“It was always me and you, walking up and down Constant Spring road [ … ] Them days I always said as a kid I’m going to buy you the biggest house and the prettiest car. When I grow up, l build you the biggest house. I keep my promise mama. I did it, and the world will remember US, me and you,” Mavado wrote.

The artiste shared an equally touching message to his mother on Saturday and wrote that her memories would live on until the end of time. Mavado went on to express that he would continue to push his musical career because of how she inspired him.

“I’m just getting started with this music because you tell me I’m going to be the greatest to ever do it, so now I’m focus mama,” Mavado stated.

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Fellow dancehall artiste Macka Diamond offered the deejay some words of encouragement and told him to be strong as his mother was watching over him.

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Movado Pays Tribute to Mother Ms. Pinny
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