MC Nuffy Demands His “Credit” From Spice

Controversial Dancehall personality MC Nuffy recently went on a social media rant, where he posted a video accusing Spice and Bounty Killer of being ungrateful and taking credit for his work.

In the video, MC Nuffy hurls numerous expletives while he repeatedly calls Spice “Likkle Wicked Bloodcl**t Gyal”. The personality is heard demanding that Spice gives him the credit he truly deserves, as he is the one responsible for building her career to where it is today.


“How much money u gi mi fi d lyrics dem weh mi gi yuh, mi a tell yuh weh fi do… yuh fi pay mi!” MC Nuffy shouted in the video.

He also referred to having a person called “Gandhi” write Spice’s lyrics for her. This person is a Dancehall/Reggae artiste responsible for songs such as “Touch Shop” and “Watch The P*ms”.

Further on in the video, MC Nuffy went on to include the “Teacha” himself and Ninja Man into the mix. He then commented that Spice is only giving Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer recognition, while he and even Ninja Man should receive some credit as they both have impacted Spice’s music career.

In addition to that, the MC mentioned that he was the one responsible for introducing Spice to Bounty Killer and not even the Killer has given him the praise he deserves. He made the following comment regarding the situation with Bounty Killer:

“Yah run wid mi credit as a big man, a gwaan like a you do nothing fi Spice”. He further added “move yuh bloodcl**t to enuh cuz you know a my credit and yah run wid mi credit enuh”.

Nevertheless, MC Nuffy stated that he was the one who motivated Spice throughout her journey and he was even the first to tell her that she would receive a Grammy Award.

“Spice I don’t need nothing from u, all you need to do, is give me credit and it will enhance more work, this is how it start” stated MC Nuffy as he pleaded with Spice to give him some recognition as it will help to enhance his career.

The 6-minute and 10-second video ended with MC Nuffy repeatedly saying these last words to Spice, “stop tell lie, stop walk and tell lie”.

Check out MC Nuffy’s video below:

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