“Me nuh badda wah bad” Bounty Killer Speaks Candidly About Getting Involved With the Wrong People and Getting Shot at 16 – Watch Interview

Bounty Killer may be one of Jamaica’s most famous dancehall artistes known for his “badman” persona, but in a recent interview, the deejay spoke candidly about getting involved with the wrong people and getting shot at 16 years old.

When asked in an interview with I Never Knew Tv why he believed most people got involved in illicit activities, Bounty shared his own story of the regrettable decisions that ultimately could have claimed his life. The Benz and Bimma artiste said he was fascinated with the men from his community who lived that kind of lifestyle, and girls always gravitated towards the bad boys.

Bounty explained that after he was severely reprimanded by his father for wearing shoes that he had bought for special occasions to a party, he wanted to be more independent and started hustling when he was around 12 or 13. Bounty began to drift away from his father and gravitate towards the gangsters that had always fascinated him.

His new choice of acquaintances eventually led to him getting shot and forced him to return home ashamed, as his parents had warned him on many occasions. “…When me get gunshot when me a 16 [ … ] me nuh badda wah bad. If a suh badness feel in a my ribs me nuh badda wah nuh more,” Bounty stated.

The deejay said that after the experience, he realised he needed to go back to being a kid, and the incident later inspired his song Copper Shot.

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Though he has become infamous for being the cross, angry, miserable deejay in dancehall, Bounty insists that he is past that stage in his life and went on to talk about maturing over the years. According to the artiste, he is no longer blinded by pride or ego, which influenced his behaviour in the past.

Bounty outlined that the love he had received from the Jamaican people had contributed immensely to his growth as an individual.

Watch the full interview below.

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