MGK and Megan Fox Reprimanded for Snorting ‘Coke’ as Part of a Halloween Costume – Watch Video

Monday, October 31, 2022, 7:51 AM

A video of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) doing their rendition of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in costume has generated controversial views. While the couple looks stunning in their costume, the reason that the internet is in a stir is that MGK is seen snorting a line of a white substance, alleged to be fake cocaine, from Megan’s breasts.

Anderson and Lee are known for their “wild, whirlwind romance”, but this recreation may have taken it too far.


Megan and MGK have been engaged for less than a year but started dating more than two years ago. The actress/model and rapper/actor duo attended the Casamigos Halloween party dressed as the married couple from 1995 when they went to the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. At the time, Pamela Anderson was wearing a red dress with pink bust lining while Tommy Lee had on leather pants paired with a plain white tank top (Lee). Similarly, MGK was in a replica of the outfit while Megan’s rendition varied a little in colour as the red looked more burgundy. Their hair was also styled similarly.

After the party, MGK uploaded the video to his Instagram account with the caption, “happy Halloween virgins.” The video entailed him snorting the “coke” with a rolled-up bill, licking the residue from his fiancée’s breast, and then kissing her on the forehead.

Although the couple they were imitating admitted to partaking in the drugs, they also issued public statements that said they remained clean while they were married. Fans seemed disappointed however at the actions of the superstars and reprimanded them in the comment section for negatively influencing their younger audiences. It was also mentioned that even if they were going for shock value, they could have done better as they do have children of their own to think about.

Someone stated, “OKay but this? Hell na, might ur music be good but the drugs? not that much,” while another individual mentioned,” Okay, Ik there r gonna be ppl saying they didn’t ask but this is not okay. Even if it’s fake, and a joke. This is not okay to promote to your fans and it’s even worse for the children they both have. Highly disappointed…”

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