“Mi Ready Fi Dead Enuh” Jamaican Man Wreaks Havoc in Mexican Airport – Watch Video

A Jamaican man’s angry rampage in a Mexican airport was caught on video and has left some viewers questioning his actions. The man’s identity is not yet known, nor is it known what specifically caused him to go berserk on airport officials as the footage begins with the chaos already underway.

In the footage, the man, a Rastafarian man, is seen in a waiting room with its glass windows partially shattered. Armed with a shard of glass, the man demands the return of his passport and leaves the room with a duffle bag.


As he yells Jamaican expletives, he waves the shard of glass, threateningly announcing that he is ready to die “unuh gi mi mi bomboclaat passport enuh,” he shouts demanding his passport, though its return does not appear to quell his anger. As he leaves cursing, airport security rushes after him, with one official throwing a partition pole at him, but he continues to make his way through the airport.

Some viewers of the footage expressed their disbelief, with one person questioning why others found the incident funny.

“Dis is serious, and some ppl laughing dis how you’ll want ppl to represent Jamaica. He’s in the ppl dem country old fool…yuh ago get more than yuh passport,” the viewer stated.

Watch the video below.

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