Mineral Boss Denies Skillibeng Getting Box or Beaten In Hartford, Connecticut

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 4:54 PM GMT-5

The fast-spreading rumours of Skillibeng being boxed and bottled due to being uncooperative at an event in Hartford, Connecticut is being firmly shut down by the Mineral Boss producer, who sent a message to the man who released the allegations.

Mineral Boss, given name Tawanna Jones, kicked off the Instagram Livestream with a question, directed to the DJ who was seeking “fame” with his allegations, saying, “which batty bwoy cudda lick Skillibeng and MBR deh deh?”

According to the allegations made, Skillibeng arrived at the event at 10:00 pm, but Jones stated the singer was at the venue by 9:45 pm. The allegations also mentioned that the singer was to be at a radio station the day before the show, however, the contract is said to include details that the entertainer would not be doing any of that.

“Skilli nuh get nuh lick, nuh box, nuh touch, nuh nothing,” she stated.

A female by the name of Kimmy joined the Livestream also attesting that no hands were raised at the “Crocodile Teeth” singer. Mineral Boss and the female both agreed that the only person who was slapped that night at the event was Trooper Fire.

Posing the question if everyone was “stupid” to believe the rumours, Kimmy stressed that the entertainer had a lot of American bodyguards who would not take that level of disrespect lightly.

Sending a message, Mineral Boss warned that nobody should mess with her “bloodclaath brand”.

A few hours after this video was released, the SMB promotor, who announced himself to be Stepper, shared a video addressing the rumours. One of the rumours he came across is that the singer did not get paid, but Steppa stated Skillibeng was paid five days before the event.

He also clarified that no one “violate” Skillibeng so he was unaware of any such conflicts. He stressed that he and his team went the extra mile to ensure the entertainer got the work permit in order to perform as he did not have the necessary documents.

Expressing his respect towards Mineral Boss, he explained that Skilli had the remix to do with French Montana in New York which he and his road manager went to. Despite Mineral Boss begging Stepper not to cover the entertainer and his manager’s fees to fly to New York, he still did so when the manager made the request. After the two arrived in New York, Stepper was again contacted to cover the Airbnb expenses when initially his only expense should be when the singer arrived in Connecticut.

Stepper continued saying he helped them out with their accommodations in New York under the condition that the entertainer arrived at the event on time and did the radio show. However, they did not turn up at the radio station and the manager, who was advised to call the radio station and have it done over the phone, did not do so even though he agreed.

Stepper, who stressed that he did not hit Skillibeng, also clarified that when he spoke to Skillibeng on the bus, the singer told him that he did not know about any of what happened as he was not informed by the road manager.

Watch Mineral Boss’ live stream below.


Watch the video with Steppa below.

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