Minister Marion Hall Is Back, Talks On Her Weakness Being Man And New Song

Monday, July 11, 2022, 12:37 PM

 ‘Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ’ has been reinstated on Instagram and Facebook with Minister Marion Hall revealing a little about her weakness for a certain man in her life.

Months after Minister Marion Hall transitioned her online ministry to YouTube, she returns ahead of her upcoming single ‘Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings’ with vague details about her love life, information about her unreleased song and the music video that Bob Marley’s grandson, Matthew Prendergast, will be involved in.


During Sunday’s ‘Recover, reinstate and restore’ sermon, Minister Hall revealed that she has soft spot for “a nice, fine man” who is “good in bed”. She also added that the devil has been sending someone in her direction and he matches the criteria perfectly.

However, as she tries to stay grounded, she took an oath that God should kill her if she has sex with another man out of wedlock.

Further in the sermon, the gospel singer shared a short teaser of her forthcoming project while showing off her vocals.

“Sorry to hurt your feelings, but I did not die. Sorry to hurt your feelings as you can see I’m still alive,” she sang. “Sorry to hurt your feelings, but I did not die. Sorry to hurt your feelings, I still got joy on the inside.”

While a release date for the single entitled ‘Sorry You Didn’t Hurt Me’ has not yet been disclosed, Minister Hall indicated that Mathew will be featured on her project, as well as a possible appearance from Cedella Marley.

“The only time I’m going to Miami is to do my video with Matthew, Bob Marley grandson,” she said.

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