Minister Marion Hall Starts Another Go-Fund-Me to Raise 50k USD to Set Up New Church – See Pictures

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 8:11 AM GMT-5

Minister Marion Hall continues her journey in Christ as she once again requests the help of the public via go fund me donations to get her new church, the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ, up and running for visitors.

Although her previous efforts to get her church running fell through, Hall is optimistic and stated, “God gave me a sermon titled. It’s going according to his plan. This is the plan of God being manifest.” She is asking for members of the public and her loyal fans to help in this initiative by visiting her latest go fund me link which is located in her Instagram bio if they wish to donate towards the project.

According to the information on her go fund me page, she has acquired a space and a list of musical instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums, etc., to get the church sessions going. However, funds are needed to pay construction workers to get the space ready and to purchase chairs, create an office space, buy materials, and create other needed areas such as bathrooms, etc.

The target amount being requested is USD50,000 and so far the fund has generated USD$450

See the instruments and church space below:

Get more information about the go fund me below:

Marion Hall has been searching for a place for her church to set roots seemingly since she left Dancehall behind and faced many struggles in between doing online sermons. However, the woman of God, who used to go by the moniker Lady Saw, had not given up on the path given to her by the Lord.

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